Learn about the tent rental process before sending an inquiry.

Thank you for checking out Backyard Tent Rental! We are a small, family-run business whose goal is to provide simple, affordable tent and party rentals to the Boston area. We realize not everyone has experience planning events that require tents, so here is some helpful information to get your started.

  1. Pick the date for your event.

  2. get an estimate on # of guests. We can make small changes if your numbers change, but we may not be able to change the size of your tent during the busy months, so we suggest getting a larger tent than you may need, just in case!

  3. Think about where you want the tent to be setup. Is the tent on grass or cement? In the yard or partially over a patio? This will determine which style tent we can offer you.

  4. Think about your yard and let us know about underground hazards like sprinkler lines, electrical lines, septic tanks, gas lines, etc. None of these things are deal-breakers, but we have to know about this before driving stakes into the ground. Also, tents are tall, check to see if there are branches or power-lines over head.

  5. If you aren’t sure about any of these things, take a picture! You can send us photos of the area if you aren’t sure.

  6. Send us an inquiry!

Not all tent companies are the same. Most tent businesses target large weddings and corporate events. Not us! We focus exclusively on small, simple,
”backyard,” parties. We try to keep things simple by including the pricing on our site and offering tent rental packages for your convenience.

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Our business is expanding!  We are seeking to add locations by offering low-cost, highly rewarding rental business opportunities

BackyardTentRental.com is the perfect fit for your graduation party, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, etc.  We don’t do formal weddings, we stick to more casual events.   This Metro-West location is the original branch of our growing franchise.  We have recently added Backyard Tent Rental - Bridgewater to service the South Shore/Bridgewater area.  We are a thriving business because of our customer service and excellent pricing.  Please give us a call or email and see for yourself.