Planning a corporate event? You need a tent.

At Backyard Tent Rental, we primarily do tents for small events at people's homes, but we are still ready and willing to do corporate event rentals.  If you are planning a BBQ, meeting, family day, etc we can help you with tents, tables, chairs, etc.  

Things to consider when planning a corporate event:

  1. Forget the forecast... even if its beautiful out you cant have people sitting in the sun for hours.  A tent is a requirement. 
  2. If the event is happening in your parking lot, do you need the tent to be setup and taken down on the same day? 
  3. If your event is on cement, do you have a water source and a hose handy? This is used to fill up heavy water barrels to secure the tent, rather than driving stakes into the cement.


A 40x40 frame tent on cement for a corporate event. 

Tent Rental - Newton MA

Having a party in Newton MA? We have done hundreds of events in Newton.  Here is a picture of a recent Newton event.  

our 40 person package - set up in a tight backyard. 

Tent Rental packages include: 

  • beautiful, unique high-peak frame tent.  (tents that can go on grass or cement)
  • white folding chairs
  • 60" round tables to seat 8-10 guests
  • long tables for food / gifts
  • delivery, setup, removal


Graduation Tent Rental - Boston MA

Graduation parties are a great way to celebrate the accomplishments of students all around Boston.  Most of these parties happen in June and we typically get much more requests than we can handle.  So, what does that mean for you? 

  1. Book your event early (As in Feb, March, April)
  2. TENTS ARENT JUST FOR RAIN... think about your guests sitting in 80-90 degree heat and sun.  Think about the elderly, the kids, and your food baking in the sun. 
  3. Be flexible on dates.  If everyone in your town is planning their party for June 13th, maybe you should wait until the week after so your party can be well attended.  If youre really savvy, you wait until July, when tents and guests are more available!
  4. While you may be inviting 100 people, you probably dont need to seat them all at once... we recommend our tent package for 60, or tent package for 80 to get the job done. 


The Difference Between Pole Tents and Frame Tents

One of the most frequently asked questions in the tent rental business is “what is the difference between a pole tent and a frame tent.”  So, lets answer that question right here.

Pole Tent

A tent that is held up by tall poles in the middle of the tent, and tension from ropes and stakes.  This type of tent requires some space (about 5 feet) all the way around the tent for stakes and ropes.  It also requires center poles to hold the tent up, which puts some limitations on how you can set up your tables, chairs, dancefloor, etc.

20x20 pole tent (center pole in middle holds up tent, not free-standing)

20x20 pole tent (center pole in middle holds up tent, not free-standing)


Frame Tent

A frame tent is a tent that is held up by a frame of aluminum poles (sort of like the frame of a house).  Frame tents are free standing, so they don’t require ropes and stakes for support nor do they require additional space around the tent.  This means  they can be pushed right up against a home or building, and can be set up on cement.  Further, frame tents do not have a center pole, so they provide a completely open floor plan.


20x20 FRAME tent - free-standing, no pole in center of tent

20x20 FRAME tent - free-standing, no pole in center of tent

Table and Chair Rental - Boston MA area - Backyard Tent Rental

Table and Chair Rentals

We are happy to offer table and chair rentals for the Boston MA area.  We offer the essentials, including:

  • basic white folding chairs
  • white resin garden chairs
  • 60″ round folding tables (fits 8-10 people)
  • 6ft long tables (for food, gifts, etc)

We will happily deliver tables and chairs to your location, year round.