Tent Rental FAQs.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions: 

Delivery / Setup :  we typically deliver and setup on Thurs and Fri (between 8am to 7pm) and take down on Mon, Tues.  Setup usually takes 60-90 minutes.  We try to accommodate your requests for setup times, but we typically have to wait until a week or so before your event to confirm times.  (We cant go from Newton to Hingham, back to Newton then to Weymouth for example, so we wait until our schedule solidifies to confirm times.)  We will send out an email on Sun/Mon (5 to 7 days prior) on the week of your event to confirm times.

Simplicity is the goal.  We understand that you will have to worry about food, guests, caterers, cleaning your home, etc... We try to keep things as simple as possible.  We have NEVER missed an appointment, so know that if we are running late its because of Boston traffic or an unusually long setup elsewhere, but we will be there in plenty of time for you to decorate / get ready.   For that reason, we typically don't do setups on the day of your event.  

Do I have to be home for setup?  No.  You can snap a picture from your phone of the desired location and text/email it to us, or leave markers (patio chairs, etc) showing us where the tent should be setup, or simply let us know during the booking process.  We have done 1000+ tent setups and have the experience / common-sense to make the the right call. 

Landscaping / lawn mowing before the event.  Cut your lawn a day or two before we arrive, once the tent is up, its difficult to mow around the tent poles, ropes and stakes.  If you have a landscaping service, aim for Wednesday.  The foot traffic from your guests wont kill your grass.

Take down / removal - You do not need to be home for take downs.  We ask that you leave our equipment the way you found it.  (remove any decorations, try to leave chairs stacked neatly, and not on the ground if possible). 

What about payment? If you are paying by cash or check and you have a balance due, you can leave an envelop somewhere for us to pick up.  We ask for payment on/before your setup, so you can leave payment at your home for us in a safe space (taped to back door, tucked away in your grill, etc). 

Table covers - our rental tables are wood or plastic and need to be covered.  You can buy throwaway table covers at any party store for roughly $3 each or request linens from us.  We have to sub-rent linens on your behalf, so linen rentals must be made in advance.  Linens are $10 each.  We use white linens as specific colors can often be unavailable.