Planning a corporate event? You need a tent.

At Backyard Tent Rental, we primarily do tents for small events at people's homes, but we are still ready and willing to do corporate event rentals.  If you are planning a BBQ, meeting, family day, etc we can help you with tents, tables, chairs, etc.  

Things to consider when planning a corporate event:

  1. Forget the forecast... even if its beautiful out you cant have people sitting in the sun for hours.  A tent is a requirement. 
  2. If the event is happening in your parking lot, do you need the tent to be setup and taken down on the same day? 
  3. If your event is on cement, do you have a water source and a hose handy? This is used to fill up heavy water barrels to secure the tent, rather than driving stakes into the cement.


A 40x40 frame tent on cement for a corporate event.