Event seating: a seat for every butt?

One of the first things you should think about when planning a party is "Do I need seating (and tent coverage) for every single guest?"   It seems like an easy "yes,"  but think about for a second.  Here are a few common scenarios:

  • A graduation party and even though you've invited 100 guests, people will be coming and going all day, so you really only need to seat 60 at any one time
  • A wedding reception, and yes, everyone needs to be seated and covered under the tent for the dinner. 
  • A bridal / baby shower where brunch is being served while gifts are being opened. So, yes, chairs and coverage for everyone. 
  • An "adult party" (a 50th bday party, a no-kids Oktoberfest, etc) where the goal is to have very few people seated at any time.  You might want to provide seating for a few party-poopers, and provide gathering space by renting high-top cocktail tables for people to gather around.
tent and chairs for roughly half of the total # of guests. 

tent and chairs for roughly half of the total # of guests.