Save money with our 20x30 canopy tent. Perfect for up to 60 guests. 

We are lowering our price on our 20x30 canopy tents.  These tents are a simple, affordable option for people with larger yards.  This is a pole tent (or canopy) which requires 5 feet around the tent for ropes and stakes.  It is held up by two center poles.

 Why is it discounted? Simple, its a different style tent that requires more space than our frame tents, and it can only be set up in a flat, unobstructed, grassy area.  Many yards in our metro-west area cannot accommodate this size tent, so we are lowering the price. 

Can we add sides walls?  We only have solid white side walls for this style tent.  We can leave them for you to add if needed.  Not recommended for windy days, usable for rain / privacy / shade. 

20x30 canopy tent - $399.

20x30 canopy package for 40 guests - $499

20x30 canopy package for 60 guests - $549

  • 4 to 6 round tables
  • 40 to 60 white folding chairs
  • (2) 4ft long tables for food / gifts




$399 for the tent,

$499 - $549 for full package. 

Price includes delivery, tent setup and tables and chairs brought under tent if purchased as package.  

* Tent can only be setup up on grass, requires staking around the tent. Can not be placed against the house, over patio, etc.